Canpagne Peach Mimosa is a different kind of cocktail. It is made from our premium rosé wine, all natural orange juice and all natural peach juice with no added sugar or artificial flavor.

After tasting other canned cocktails, we decided to do something completely different... produce the highest quality freshest tasting cocktail on the market, something that would make us happy if we were at a beautiful brunch or sitting poolside on vacation. It took us a year of testing and perfecting the method, but we are thrilled to introduce our Canpagne Peach Mimosa to the world!

We have the highest blend of real fruit juice and carbonation in the canned cocktail market and you can taste the difference. We are committed to making certified kosher, vegan-friendly and gluten free products
that everyone can feel good about drinking and believe this is the best tasting mimosa you will ever have!

Perfect by the pool or at the beach, whenever you are packing a cooler, bring along some Canpagne Peach Mimosa and enjoy!


Tasting Notes

With refreshing acidity and fresh fruit, this is undeniably fun and completely portable in an eco-friendly package. You can now enjoy a deliciously refreshing high quality mimosa anywhere you are. This all-natural beverage is certified Kosher, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free so you can feel good about making anytime brunch time!