Why Cans?
Cans are eco-conscious and much more portable than bottles. Cans can be recycled easier and
cost less to ship because they weigh less.

Do cans make the wine taste funny?
Absolutely not. Well not our cans anyway….
We use the highest quality cans available with a special liner that stops any unwanted flavors,
or toxins, from getting into the wine.

What makes Canpagne different?
Our wines are canned using a proprietary method that allows us to achieve the most
effervescent canned product on the market. We are also Vegan, Gluten Free and certified
Kosher (other than the Brut Rose which is not Kosher).

Where is the wine from?
We source our grapes from both California and Upstate New York.

Do you support charity?
Yes we are passionate about giving back. For inquires please email us here LINK

Where can I buy Canpagne in stores?
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Do you add sugar to your wines?

Absolutely not. Our wines and wine cocktails are made with 0 added sugar. Only premium wine
and fresh juices are in our cans!